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603 Honoring The Contributions of Lester Breslow MD

  • 09 Nov 2015 5:34 AM
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    Lester Breslow AMA chronic disease campaign for a healthy America

    WHEREAS our AMA has a multi year public health campaign to tackle the
    chronic diseases of hypertension and diabetes, known as the AMA
    campaign for a healthy America; and

    WHEREAS Lester Breslow MD was the father of chronic disease epidemiology; and

    WHEREAS Lester Breslow leaves a rich legacy to medicine and to public health; and

    WHEREAS Lester Breslow MD served as the Dean of many years of the
    UCLA school of public health and left a rich legacy of teaching
    nationally; and

    WHEREAS chronic diseases and their disparities are a major
    health equity issue of our time both in medicine and in public health; and

    WHEREAS the AMA recognized the unique legacy and contributions of
    Lester Breslow as a memorial resolution in the house of delegate in
    June of 2012; be it therefore

    RESOLVED that our AMA consider renaming the campaign
    against chronic diseases of hypertension and diabetes, known heretofore
    as the "campaign for a healthy America", memorializing Dr. Breslow by branding this
    campaign as "the Lester Breslow MD Memorial Campaign for a
    Healthier America" for the duration of this campaign.

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